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Like the original LemonAide salve, this one is infused with organic, broad spectrum CBD hemp oil; made with coconut oil, shea butter, castor oil, lanolin, beeswax, lemongrass oil, lemon oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, lavender oil, cypress oil, ginger root oil and hemp oil.

Helps alleviate aches, muscle stiffness, arthritis, acne, anxiety, eczema, lupus, abrasions, headaches, nausea, bug bites, skin disorders. It also makes a great bug repellent and is pet safe.

LAB TESTED/CERTIFIED at over 250mg CBD per container!

NOTE: this product is intended for external use only.

CURRENT BATCH INFO: made: every 3 months;    use by: 2 yrs from date of purchase;

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Weight3 oz
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LemonAide CBD250

single unit, case of 12

10 reviews for CBD Salve – LemonAide

  1. Bryon

    I suffer from debilitating pain in my neck, hands and feet. I have taken pain killers for years. This salve has changed my world. I can be in borderline horrific pain and 15 minutes after I put the salve on I have relief. It is seriously unbelievable. I have severe nerve pain in my feet, especially when I sit or lay down. I apply the salve before bed and it is a day/night difference. I am so thankful that a product like this exists. It is a game-changer for me and has given me hope of living without pills, injections and more surgeries. If you suffer from arthritis pain I would try this immediately. It is not just some cool “cannabis/hemp” product, this is medicine that actually works.

  2. Matthew

    I was a skeptic when I ordered this. I had just started to experience some self-diagnosed minor arthritis flare ups.
    I have used the salve for two weeks with no recurrence. I didn’t experience “instant” relief, but have not a flare up since starting to use this product. And the scent is nice in both the lavender and lemon.

  3. Donald

    This helped with the pain I have in my knees. I was using Apsercreme with mixed results. Yesterday, I applied Apercreme on and behind my knees and I felt no benefit whatsoever. Later that evening I applied the Lemon Aide salve with CBD and had relief in minutes.

  4. Kasargent

    Lemonaide smells WONDERFUL!!!

  5. Billy and Tori Smith

    We are new customers and we are very satisfied with the results of Cal’s lemon aide. My husband and daughter suffer from eczema. Love the natural ingredients. We will continue to support.

  6. moto nisto

    Essential for every mechanic’s tool box! Great for soothing knuckles and joint pains, minor cuts, lacerations and burns, or simply for softening your hands after working with aggressive petroleum automotive products (carburator and brake cleaners, acetone etc). A must have!

  7. Diane

    I use this for everything! I have three boys. I use it for insect bites, stings, burns, scratches, wounds, you name. I can’t believe how well it works. I wouldn’t have believed it unless I tried it, but this salve is really amazing. I like that it’s natural.

  8. AG Bennett

    This smells amazing! I bought this about a month ago and love it! I use it off and on as part of my nightly routine, a nice way to unwind and relax the muscles. I’ve also used this for scraps, razor burn, etc…works well!

  9. Shelby Eschker

    I have terrible eczema on my hands, and NOTHING would help soothe it or make it go away. I’ve tried so many steroid creams, but this stuff WORKS! It minimizes my pain and has help it clear up completely. This stuff is a miracle product. I shared it with my co-worker one time as well, who stated this was the closest thing to magic he’s ever seen.

  10. Candice Clifton

    I have an autoimmune disease called scleroderma. I get tight muscles and joints. Sometimes so bad I can’t walk. I apply this to my knees and hips and immediately notice a difference. I could sleep and in the morning woke to no pain at all!!

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