Frank ‘n Thieves Spray

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All-natural mosquito repellent and aromatherapy mist, made with organic essential oils.

SCENT: Clove / Frankincense / Cinnamon

Uses: repel flies/mosquitoes, deodorizer, air freshener, disinfect, fight viruses, aid with breathing difficulties.

Ingredients: Purified water, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, rosemary, frankincense and sunflower lecithin.

NOTE: we don’t use any stabilizers in our products; please use within 12 months from date of purchase. New batches are made on a monthly basis.

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Weight5.5 oz
Dimensions2 × 2 × 7 in

9 reviews for Frank ‘n Thieves Spray

  1. Cal

    I spray my face with this whenever I feel stuffy. We also use it as a home deodorizer…on linen, pets, smelly shoes… Smells like cinnamon and clove, similar to the Four Thieves recipe.

  2. Raime

    The Frank ‘n Thieves is amazing! I love it’s zesty earthy smell. It always brings me back to center with just one spray!

  3. Patrick

    I use the spray and the oils on my daughter’s and myself in cold season and swear it has helped curb their colds.
    Will be a customer for life!!!!!

  4. Yousef H

    I’ve never thought aromatherapy was a thing i would enjoy until I was turned onto the frank ‘n thieves spray. I’ve been pretty stressed lately and the scent from this spray really is soothing and fast acting. I’ve never experienced anything like it before. I admit I’ve never tried any aromatherapy before so I don’t have much of a basis to compare to (except incense sticks and scented candles. Do those even count?). I always have trouble sleeping without taking supplements to calm me (5 capsules and melatonin tablet). After a spray or two of frank ‘n thieves i feel just as calm as if i had taken my supplements. My mind isn’t racing, thinking about a million things. The one upside to the supplements (besides not having to swallow 5 big capsules) is it helps me breathe through my nose. That may be another factor in why it makes me feel better. I usually have difficulty breathing through my nose so maybe I’m increasing my oxygen intake.

    I will be buying more when i run out. I can see this being helpful when trying to meditate. I’ve never successfully done it before because my mind just doesnt stop wandering, but this product has made me think about giving meditation a second chance.


    I was pleasantly surprised to find the healing power of Frank N Thieves. After suffering from a head and chest cold that lingered after an antibiotic treatment I tried the spray and got immediate relief. My passages were not only cleared, but CALMED. I think this might be part of the healing power; once a calm state was achieved it seemed my body began to heal. I continued to spray throughout the day into the evening and by the next day I had gone from SICK to a light cold. My energy was back!

  6. Lynn

    I use this as a body mist every day and breathe it in. Did not have a cold this past year. I get lots of compliments on the scent and I am buying more right now. Excellent product!

  7. Abby

    I have terrible insomnia, and I’ve tried melatonin, antihistamines, valerian, you name it, and nothing has worked. My dad has always been into natural remedies, and he bought me this spray to help me fall asleep. I was very skeptical because I had tried everything, so how was a spray going to help? But I was shocked. This spray helps me fall asleep within 10 minutes… it has such a pleasant smell, and it is so relaxing. I spray a couple sprays around my bed before I go to bed, and it works it’s magic. Love this stuff!!!!

  8. Keely Sheldon

    Luckily this came right when I was sick!! It helped clear up my stuffy nose and made me feel much more relaxed! Thieves was used to kill the Bubonic Plague, this is just in time for the Corona virus 😉 and any other germ thrown at us!

  9. Sir Ernesto

    Fantastic smell super relaxing! I spray it on my pillow before bed and it helps me calm down from the day and sleep.

    I also spray it around the room (or even on myself) if I want to feel more chill! Another outstanding product! ITM and such!

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