House Blend Essential Oils

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Carefully crafted, one-of-a-kind essential oil blends from Lavender Blossoms! We’ve taken your favorite scents from our other healing products and brought them to life in a concentrated essential oil formula! Enjoy these unique scents in their most versatile form yet.

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3 reviews for House Blend Essential Oils

  1. Cathy

    Our entire family loves this scent. I run it daily and thankfully not one cold or flu in our house. Thank you for providing such pure organic oils. I also use it in my car. Thank you

  2. Sirena

    I was introduced to Thyroid Aide through a body work teacher and it is amazing! I felt my whole throat area “glitter” the first time I used it on my neck, and my adrenals feel as if they come alive when I apply it to my back. Can’t say enough good things about this blend!

  3. Sinead Brady

    We visited Lavender Blossoms on our recent visit to Michigan, we just loved all the products… I have started using the Thyroid aid it feels so good and smell really nice also, gorgeous product.

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