Lavender Lemon-Aide Spray

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All-natural mosquito repellent and aromatherapy mist, made with organic essential oils.

SCENT: Lavender / Lemon

Uses: bug repellent, instill calmness, air freshener, itch control, aid with breathing difficulties.

Ingredients: Purified water, lavender oil, lemon oil, rosemary oil, lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, geranium oil, citronella oil and sunflower lecithin.

NOTE: we don’t use any stabilizers in our products; please use within 12 months from date of purchase. New batches are made on a monthly basis.

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Weight5.5 oz
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13 reviews for Lavender Lemon-Aide Spray

  1. Cal

    Helps keep mosquitoes at bay. Also works on pets, to repel ticks and fleas. …and it smells great!

  2. Camelia

    These guys are the real deal! What a great product!

  3. Julie V

    Works great for a bug repellent & itch relief. I have a son with eczema and we have to watch what we put on his skin. The rest of the family loves it as well. Thanks!

  4. Alexis

    Smells so fresh and natural! I honestly love the scent

  5. Sinead Brady – Ireland

    This prodcut is a must for every house. I love it.. I use it after a shower and my skin smells and feels so lovely. I also spray pillows which aids a great nights sleep – I love all the products which Cal makes

  6. Billy

    My wife and I loves this product we use it to keep the house smelling fresh.

  7. candice clifton

    I used this tonight for the for time for mosquitoes. It really works! And it smells AMAZING! You won’t be disappointed!

  8. Sandi W.

    I can’t stand wearing the normal bug spray which smells like chemicals. The trouble is, mosquitos LOVE me. And I love in the woods. Yesterday we were outside and I used this for the first time. My initial reaction was “This smells wonderful!” And after having a picnic and not spotting a single mosquito, I now officially love this stuff. Thank you for the amazing products!

  9. Dame Mon

    Great product! It smells wonderful and more importantly it WORKS….I used this spray during a recent camping trip in GA and it kept the mosquitos from biting (I am a mosquito magnet so this spray is a godsend).
    Thank you, Lavender Blossoms!
    Stay Safe

  10. Rhonda

    I agree with Sinead Brady, it’s definitely a great product that everyone should have. It can be utilized in many ways, after a shower, around your bed, on pillows or sheets, etc. I absolutely love this spray along with many other products. Cal is great! Thank you for the awesome products that have helped my mother and I in many ways. Returning customer for sure!

  11. Susie

    Absolutely love this multi-purpose spray. It is a really sweet thing to have around at home or when outdoors.

  12. bufordk

    I spray my shirt each morning before I leave for work. Better than ANY stinky fabric softener

  13. Dana

    I love this product, smell so nice, and it’s multi purpose spray.

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