Lavender Sachets


Natural scents from the place it all started, our lavender plants. These beautiful sachets make the perfect accent for a home office, living room, bedroom, bathroom, car, or as a lovely addition to gifts. No matter where you put your lavender sachets, the sweet, soothing aroma of lavender is sure to fill you with peace of mind for over six months, even up to a year.

Can also be used in cooking and instead of dryer sheets (make sure to double knot the ribbon if used in clothes dryer!), as we don’t use any chemicals on our flowers.

Select a single sachet, or a set of six.  NOTE: currently we can’t offer the 6-set, as we are running low on dried lavender, until next season.

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Additional information

Weight.25 oz
Dimensions3 × 3 × 3 in
Sachet Sets

Set of 3 Sachets, Set of 6 Sachets, Single Sachet


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